Nominate a great Guider, youth or friend of Guiding for an award
- recognize the awesome people that make Girl Guiding in your community amazing.

Not sure where to start?

  1. Explore the Alberta Girl Guides Awards page (Click Here for More)
  2. Explore the National Girl Greatness Awards (Click Here for More)
  3. Check out the Parkland Area Youth Service Award for guiding members aged 14 to 18
  4. Talk to your District Commissioner
  5. Talk to your Area Awards Advisor, Amy Jesse

Awards can be presented any time throughout the year- at a district event for example. For presentation at the Annual Area Leader Banquet, nominations must be received at Area Office by March 1st of any year. Please submit nominations early as approval takes time.


Canada Cord, Chief Commissioner’s Award,
and Commonwealth Award for Youth

The Canada Cord is an award earned by Pathfinders. It is an award based on interacting with their community and other members of Guiding, while completing program work, citizenship certificate, community service, and event or camp planning.

The Chief Commissioner’s Award is a set of three (Bronze, Silver, Gold) awards earned by Rangers who complete a certain number of challenges from various program areas.

The Commonwealth Award is an award earned by guides over 13 years old in any Commonwealth country, by learning about the history of Guiding and the Commonwealth. See the Ranger Program Book “You Lead the Way” for more information.

Parkland Area hosts a ceremony to present these awards every Spring. If you have any questions about the ceremony, or these awards, please contact Parkland Area Program Advisor, Caroline Lobban